One day Lebanese wine trip to the Bekaa Valley, the North, mount Lebanon, or the South price 45 USD per person for a group of 15 people and more.
- Two days Lebanese wine trip weekend Bekaa Valley, the North, mount Lebanon, or the South starting price 180 USD per person full board.
- Wine tasting Session weekend in a prestigious hotel starting price 180  USD per person, full board.
- Cheese and wine dinner nights in prestigious restaurants starting price 40 USD .
- Gastronomic dinners in prestigious restaurants .
- Wide selection of French imported wines to buy, delivered anywhere in Lebanon free of charge.
- Organization of food and wine festivals:
- Cyprus wine Trip (call 03611 603 for more info).
- Armenian wine trip (call 03611 603 for more info).
- Grape harvesting weekend between august and September.
- Annual Jazz beach party 25 USD per person with open rosé wine



1st day Tuesday    

Breakfast (9h - 10h)
City tour: Duration about 3 hours,
The excursion will starts: Monument and museum of Victims of Genocide 1915, (Museum is open till 16:00)
Memorial of victims of genocide-commemorating the 1.5 million Armenians who perished during the first Genocide of the 20th century in the Western Armenia and in the territory of Ottoman Empire.

The panoramic view of the city and acquaintance with the Center of the city, the sightseeing of Cognac factory,

1)Visit of Cognac Factory “Ararat” (duration 1.5 hours)   (16h - 17h30)




List of
Lebanese Wine Trips organized by Club Grappe (a full board Day (8 hours) - $ 45 / person - For booking: 03611603)

Wine trip to the mountains (Chateau Musar, Trappist Convent St Saviour, St Andrew Castle)
Monastic Wine Trip (Monastery Mar Chaaya, Mar Musa Monastery,


Think about this: a private cave surrounded by beautiful nature, drinking wine and eating some delicious food. I lived that experience and it was fantastic.


I have a passion for wine, but never had the chance to explore its world perfectly, until I was invited to a private dinner and wine tasting. That night was


Ain\'t no Jazz Beach party good enough without Clubgrappe :)


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