One day Lebanese wine trip to the Bekaa Valley, the North, mount Lebanon, or the South price 45 USD per person for a group of 15 people and more.
- Two days Lebanese wine trip weekend Bekaa Valley, the North, mount Lebanon, or the South starting price 180 USD per person full board.
- Wine tasting Session weekend in a prestigious hotel starting price 180  USD per person, full board.
- Cheese and wine dinner nights in prestigious restaurants starting price 40 USD .
- Gastronomic dinners in prestigious restaurants .
- Wide selection of French imported wines to buy, delivered anywhere in Lebanon free of charge.
- Organization of food and wine festivals:
- Cyprus wine Trip (call 03611 603 for more info).
- Armenian wine trip (call 03611 603 for more info).
- Grape harvesting weekend between august and September.
- Annual Jazz beach party 25 USD per person with open rosé wine


Clubgrappe organizes "Cheese and Wine nights" several times a year, where visitors spend a lovely night tasting wine and enjoying cheese.


Think about this: a private cave surrounded by beautiful nature, drinking wine and eating some delicious food. I lived that experience and it was fantastic.


I have a passion for wine, but never had the chance to explore its world perfectly, until I was invited to a private dinner and wine tasting. That night was


Ain\'t no Jazz Beach party good enough without Clubgrappe :)


If you really love wine, especially the Lebanese wine, you must join Clubgrappe, the best wine tasting club in Lebanon.

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