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Wine Plantation

we provide new wineries with specific imported vines (mainly french grapes). Before plantation we analyse the soil (terroir) to find out which grape will be ideal to plant. We import chardonnay, sauvignon,viogner...for white wine and cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, syrah for red wine. All our grapes are imported from Europe with certificate of origin.

Think about this: a private cave surrounded by beautiful nature, drinking wine and eating some delicious food. I lived that experience and it was fantastic.


I have a passion for wine, but never had the chance to explore its world perfectly, until I was invited to a private dinner and wine tasting. That night was


Ain\'t no Jazz Beach party good enough without Clubgrappe :)


If you really love wine, especially the Lebanese wine, you must join Clubgrappe, the best wine tasting club in Lebanon.

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