Tips for sparkling wine tasting
Wines to drink as young as possible

It follows from the previous section that the majority of wines, made to be easy to appreciate in youth, are not worth giving ‘bottle age’ the jargon for what happens when wine is kept for years in sealed bottles. The economics of producting a wine selling for less than about 5$ or 7$ a bottle mean that there is unlikely to be a sufficient concentration of ageable ingredients in that bottle. All of the following should usually be drunk within a year of bottling, and ideally sooner when their youthful fruit is most obvious.
Table wine (Europe)
Jug wine (US)
Wine in boxes or cans
Most inexpensive varietals (with the possible exceptions of some cabernet sauvignon)
Most vin de pays
Nouveau /primeur/novella wines
Branded wines (with the exception of better vintages of branded red Bordeaux)
Germany’s QbA wines
Rosé and blush wines
Asti and moscato spumante
Vermouth, basic port, most sherry, all spirits, sweet muscats
The most common examples of the white wines

Wines that repay keeping
In very general terms, the more expensive a bottle C, the more it will repay bottle ageing. One Simple clue to how long to keep a bottle is (yet again) the principal grape variety from which it was made. Below are some rough guide-lines with an approximate number of years in bottle in brackets (also there is considerable variation between wine regions and different vintage conditions) remember that storage conditions can affect the rate at which wine ages.

Red wines
Aglianco of taurasi(4-15)
Baga of barraida (4-8)
Cabernet sauvignon (4-20)
Kadarka of hungary (3-7)
Melnik of Bulgaria (3-7)
Merlot (2-10)
Nebbiolo (4-20)
Pinot noir (2-8)
Palvac mali of Croatia (4-8)
Raboso of piave (4-8)
Sangiovese (2-8)
Saperavi of Russia (3-10)
Syrah/shiraz (4-10)
Tannat of madiran(4-12)
Tempranillo of spain (2-8)
Xynomavro of Greece (4-10)
Zinfandel (2-6)

White wines
Botrytized wines (5-25)
Chardonnay (2-6)
Furmint of hungary (3-25)
Hunter valley Semillon (6-15)
Loire chenin blanc (4-30)
Petit manseng of jurançon (3-10)
Riesling (2-30)

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