Tips for sparkling wine tasting
Does wine travel??

Many people who bring wine back from foreign parts are disappointed with the results and blame this on wine’s supposed inability to travel. It is difficult to see what is different for a bottle of wine about a ride in a private vehicle or as hand baggage as opposed to one on the back of a container truck (the most common commercial means of transport for wine).

What this difference in perceptions illustrates is not some particular shortcoming in the wine, but the general fact that wine tasting is extremely subjective, and we tend to be in a much more receptive, forgiving mood when travelling abroad than in our homes. Wine can and indeed does travel all the time. The only serious hazards it can be exposed to are excessive heat and sharp temperature swings which can literally boil off some of the flavour. Wines that have not been heavily filtered are particularly vulnerable to sharp swings in temperature and are often deliberately shipped only in cooler weather.

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